Flowers & Jules takes pride in growing our flowers locally in Pemberton BC. Whether you need wedding flowers, christmas decorations or just a one-off arrangement, we have what it takes to deliver an exceptional service.


Flowers and Jules specializes in winter weddings in both Pemberton and Whistler. Julia has gained experience up the Pacific coast from Big Sur, California to Whistler and Pemberton, British Columbia working with weddings of all sizes and variations – small and intimate, to big and formal. She is able to support the mood and atmosphere that brides wish to create.

Familiar with the many stunning Whistler and Pemberton venues, Jules understands the elements at each venue that require attention. She is also knowledgeable in a wide variety of flowers including the multiple seasonal variations available from her organic garden.

Passionate and caring about her flowers, Julia is dedicated to her customers and guarantees an individualized and high quality service.

Winter Wedding Services by Flowers & Jules

Julia works with all budgets during the winter months and offers a variety of floral packages ranging from large wedding set up and tear down to elopement bouquets. She has a large collection of beautiful vases in differing styles such as vintage silver, natural wood, brass and modern clear bottles. With her keen eye for detail she uses only the best.

Julia's love for flowers inspires a range of products used in her arrangements. She includes the extra little things such as fragrant rosemary, unique poppy pods or multiple kinds of eucalyptus, found in wedding bouquets and boutonnieres.

bridal bouquet

Julia believes the bouquet is one of the most special parts of your wedding and designs to capture the look and feel of the whole wedding.


Julia uses many different types of flowers and greens in her boutonnieres. They say herbs such as rosemary can help trigger memory, so Julia likes to add fresh garden greens to help the grooms with their vows.

floral head crowns

Floral head crowns can be soft and simple with hand tied eucalyptus or fun and colourful with garden roses and wax flower. When designing crowns its important to us hardy flowers that will not fade or fall apart.

It's fun to let the decor of the dinning tables set the mood of the party. Whether its a laid back garden party or a boho chic social affair.

One of Julia's passions is designing large vase arrangements. Whether its the cocktail bar, dessert table or head table, Julia enjoys constructing full and lush vases that really stand out in the room.

Julia has a range of beautiful arbors to frame your marriage. Take a look at the gallery for different options.